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EASY Indoor/Outdoor Exercises You Can Begin With Today!

In the midst of evolving times, a universal awareness has emerged regarding the pursuit of fitness. The distinction between indoor and outdoor physical activities has blurred, as people embrace whichever avenue promises physical well-being. In this paradigm, outdoor exercises have surged in popularity, offering an array of benefits:

  1. Minimal Equipment Requirement: Many outdoor workouts necessitate only modest equipment, if any. Certain exercises can be accomplished without reliance on machinery.

  2. Escape Crowds: Individuals are liberated from crowded spaces that often induce irritation.

  3. Convenience of Location: Exercising outdoors eliminates the need to venture out solely for fitness purposes, negating the requirement for walking or driving.

  4. Embrace Fresh Air: Open-air settings maximize the intake of fresh air, enhancing overall well-being.

  5. Casual Attire: There's no obligation for specialized attire or extensive grooming, promoting a straightforward approach.

  6. Vitamin D Absorption: Basking in sunlight facilitates the absorption of essential Vitamin D, bolstering overall health.

  7. Flexible Timing: Unlike rigid schedules, outdoor exercises afford the liberty to engage at one's convenience and preferred location.

woman doing situps in a gym

While a myriad of reasons underscores the preference for outdoor exercises, the practical aspect pertains to identifying suitable activities. Whether on vacation, during travel, or away from home, adapting workouts beyond the gym or home setup can be a challenge. While local fitness classes might offer an option, they aren't always accessible. This scenario underscores the value of swift, equipment-free routines that work seamlessly anywhere worldwide. Added benefits come from routines targeting comprehensive body engagement, encompassing both strength and cardio elements.

To this end, a section focusing on core strength wraps up the regimen, aiming to fatigue abdominal muscles within a concise timeframe. The rationale behind these core exercises lies in their ability to enhance stability and balance through total-body movements that span various planes. The dynamic nature of these exercises ensures functional challenges.

To extract maximum benefit, execute each exercise with maximum intensity while maintaining proper form. Breaks, if any, should adhere to the prescribed intervals between each superset.

woman doing stretches

The workout structure is as follows:


  • High Knees — 20 seconds
  • Crabby Crawl Out — 20 seconds
  • Squat to High Kick — 20 seconds
  • Grass Grabbers — 20 seconds
  • Rest — 30 seconds

Superset 1:

  • Yogi Push-ups — 45 seconds
  • Burpee to Lateral Jump Squat — 45 seconds
  • Rest — 30 seconds
  • Repeat one more time.

Superset 2:

  • Walking Lunges — 45 seconds
  • Get-up to Jump Lunge — 45 seconds
  • Rest — 30 seconds
  • Repeat one more time.

Core Burnout:

  • Single-Leg Bicycles — 20 seconds each side
  • Push-up to Twist — 30 seconds
  • Sumo Squat Hold With Oblique Crunch — 30 seconds
  • Plank Hold — 30 seconds

Now, let's delve into the execution of each move:

High Knees  (20 seconds)

high knees exercise
  • Stand tall with feet hip-width apart.
  • Lift knees toward chest, alternating sides in a brisk, rhythmic motion.
  • Swing arms in sync with knees.
  • Continue for 20 seconds.
Crabby Crawl Out  (20 seconds)
crabby crawl out exercise
    • Stand with legs wider than shoulder-width, lower into sumo squat.
    • Crawl forward onto hands, forming a plank.
    • Perform push-up.
    • Crawl back, returning to sumo squat position with arms extended overhead.
    • Repeat for 20 seconds.
Squat to High Kick  (20 seconds)
    • Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width, toes forward.
    • Lower into squat, then rise while kicking one leg straight forward.
    • Simultaneously reach opposite hand to touch extended foot.
    • Alternate sides for 20 seconds.
Grass Grabbers  (20 seconds)
    • Start with feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
    • Lower into sumo squat, touch ground with arm beneath torso.
    • Stand, hopping feet to hip-width apart.
    • Immediately hop back, resuming sumo squat.
    • Continue for 20 seconds.
Yoga Push-ups  (45 seconds)
    • Begin in high plank.
    • Shift hips back, create triangle shape with body.
    • Lift heels slightly off floor, maintain neck-spine alignment.
    • Lower upper body through hands, lifting into Cobra before returning to Downward Dog.
    • Continue for 45 seconds.
Burpee to Lateral Jump Squat  (45 seconds)
    • Start in deep squat, kick legs out into high plank.
    • Return legs to squat, then jump to the right, followed by left.
    • Perform squat jumps to alternate sides.
    • Repeat combination for 45 seconds.
Walking Lunges  (45 seconds)
walking lunges exercise
    • Stand tall, step forward into lunge with left leg.
    • Lower hips, forming almost-90-degree angles with knees.
    • Push off front heel to bring right foot forward, transitioning into lunge on right side.
    • Alternate sides for 45 seconds.
Get-up to Jump Lunge  (45 seconds)

    • Lie face up, arms extended behind head.
    • Roll up to standing position using core strength.
    • Land with feet outside hips, then perform lunge jumps on each side.
    • Return to starting position via squat.
    • Repeat for 45 seconds.
Single-Leg Bicycles  (20 seconds each side)
    • Lie faceup, legs extended, heels higher than hips.
    • Lift shoulder blades, twist torso to bring elbow to opposite knee.
    • Continue on one side for 20 seconds, then switch.
Push-up to Twist  (30 seconds)
push-up to twist
    • Perform push-up.
    • Shift weight to one arm, twist body to side plank.
    • Extend free arm upwards.
    • Alternate sides for 30 seconds.
Sumo Squat Hold With Oblique Crunch  (30 seconds)
    • Stand wide, toes pointed out.
    • Lower into sumo squat, reach ground with one arm.
    • Twist torso, initiating from hip.
    • Alternate sides for 30 seconds.
Plank  (30 seconds)
    • Begin on all fours, toes on floor, wrists beneath shoulders.
    • Tighten core, maintain straight line from head to toe.
    • Hold for 30 seconds.

In summary

The evolving fitness landscape encompasses both indoor and outdoor exercises, with outdoor options offering diverse advantages. To guide you, a comprehensive workout regimen has been provided, culminating in a core-strengthening sequence. Each exercise, with proper form and intensity, contributes to a holistic fitness journey.

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